Byte Me Bob is a humorous take on the daily struggles and joys of working in IT. Whether it's dealing with clueless users, annoying managers, faulty equipment, or unrealistic deadlines, Bob always finds a way to get it done. Byte Me Bob is not afraid to poke fun at the absurdities of his profession or the corporate environment as a whole.

Byte Me Bob started as some quick sketches in a notepad when Zachariah Collins was working in an IT Department's Help Desk. Those sketches sat in the notepad for a few years and once and a while Zachariah would go back and look at them. One day he sat down and decided to try and bring those sketches more to life. 

Byte Me Bob follows the life and adventures of IT Bob who is hired by Widget Worxs Inc to do IT for them. Whether the people he works with or the technology they use there is always something interesting happening.

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